espresso-machine-reviewsPicking The Best Espresso Machine For Your Needs


Shopping for the Right Home Espresso Machine

Why are people shopping for a quality and good home espresso machine? Basically, it makes gourmet coffee and gets the most out of coffee beans. Espresso machines for home use provide consumers with rich, concentrated and dark brews favored by coffee shops and Italian bistros. It’s true that coffee beans should be finely packed and ground to offer strong coffee that is called by espresso drinkers shots served in miniature cups. If you prefer to make milk-based beverages, including lattes and cappuccinos, milk must be heated separately by using the frothing tube of machines that blast steam into milk while whipping it to froth.

It’s advisable to have a quality espresso machine at home instead of buying beverages at local coffee stands if you want to save money and provide your kitchen with a professional mystique. Nowadays, many consumers have quite high expectations when shopping for this equipment, thus forcing reliable manufacturers to improve their designs and produce perfect espresso makers to be used at home with similar features to their commercial types. Pay attention to the following top-rated espresso machine for your home use to impress your friends and family with your incredible beverages.

Best Espresso Makers for the Home Use with a Commercial Quality and Sold at Affordable Prices

  1. Breville BES870XL Barista

This espresso machine earned one of the most reputable awards in this industry a few years ago as quality tea and coffee serving and preparation equipment. This means that consumers like this device or its ease of use and ability to produce excellent lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos. It comes with its integrated burr grinder, which is designed to limit the time taken by grinding and extraction to a few seconds, and because fresh is always the best! It’s also possible to choose your favorite grind settings, including fine and coarse, use a special filter size button that indicates if a double or single wall basket should be used, and adjust the right amount of fresh grounds to be sent into a filter basket. Besides, each box contains four filter baskets, such as two single wall and non-pressurizing filters that provide users with more space to let them experiment with a variety of ground sizes, amounts, and tamping pressures and two double wall pressurized filters which take the entire guess work out of tamping and make this espresso maker perfect for all beginners.

breville-barista-express-espresso-makerThis coffee equipment is also ideal for those consumers who have enough experience in making espressos. Its tamper is included in the package in addition to the magnetizing storage that is simple to remove and store. Another great thing is that this espresso maker has a smaller sized portafilter made from stainless steel, and this means that it’s designed with certain commercial style spouts. It’s quite easy to empty a portafilter each time after brewing and grounds are quite dry, thus making is simple to knock them out it. You can find a 2-liter removable water tank and a water filter that is easy to fill with water both at the sink and at the machine.

Moreover, Breville BES870XL comes with its proportional, integral and derivative (PID) temperature control that offers the most accurate temperature control of brew water. This feature plays an important role in making consistent shots, and it’s usually available only in higher-end models. This espresso maker takes only thirty seconds to come up with the necessary steam temperature when users are ready to steam their milk to made lattes and cappuccinos. Its steaming wand is mounted on a quality 360-degree swivel joint to provide users with well-textured milk fast and easily.



  • Built-in PID;
  • Excellent customer services;
  • Milk pitcher;
  • Easy and fun to use;
  • Its steaming wand is easy to clean and great to use;
  • Perfect milk-based beverages and espressos;
  • Built-in grinder with adjustable controls for grinds;
  • Its infusion gauge lets consumers know when it’s necessary to adjust the tamp, grind, and amount of coffee;
  • Its sturdy design without any elements that feel and look flimsy.


  • Users should be ready for some mess.
  1. Rancilio HSD-SILVIA

Now you can enjoy professional quality espressos any time you want once you get this incredible espresso maker. It’s the best-selling equipment and one of the most popular semi-automated espresso machines in this market. It comes with a powerful and linear design, iron frame and side panels made from stainless steel. The best part is that these materials are famous for long-lasting durability and service life. So, if you want to make your favorite espressos for quite a long time, this device is your best choice. It’s sold at reasonable prices for such a quality, but you’ll get a strong grinder and PID that allow you to get a full potential of this espresso maker and get professional beverages every time you need. This equipment is quite popular, so it’s easy to find efficient tutorials and tips on how to make quality lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and other drinks online, and your friends will appreciate that.

This espresso maker has a number of commercial grade elements, including its commercial quality group head which is designed to deliver premium extraction and exceptional heat stability. Another amazing feature is its portafilter, which is quite similar to the one found in commercial espresso makers. All users are impressed with its brass boiler that provides them with super steaming power and fast recovery times between shots. This single boiler also has the largest capacity in the market of home espresso machines of the same class. In addition, it comes with a commercially designed steam knob and its articulating steam wand which offer a full range of motions when steaming milk for ideal lattes and cappuccinos. There are other incredible elements included in each package, such as two filter baskets for double and single shots, plastic tampers, and coffee scoops.




  • Many commercial-quality elements;
  • Its top quality design that will last for a long time;
  • Incredible steaming power and fast recovery times between shots;
  • Ease of use with three buttons for steam, hot water, and brew;
  • Commercial size portafilter;
  • Heating elements are easy to remove.


  • Installing PID is recommended;
  • 2-year warranty period;
  • Extra costs to buy a quality grinder.
  1. Gaggia 14101 Classic

It’s the best espresso maker for the home use in this price range, and it was designed in Italy and called a top machine for its affordable price. This quality coffee equipment benefits from its classic design and advanced technologies while allowing users to make quality cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos at home, but the best part is that it offers a number of benefits typical for commercial espresso machines. That’s mainly because its commercial-quality design includes a durable stainless steel body, an independent expansion valve, a high-voltage boiler that provides fast warm-up times and high-powered bar pump. Besides, this espresso maker contains a three-way solenoid valve that offers instant pressure release once espresso pulls are finished, thus, allowing users to take a portafilter off and prepare their next shot. Its portafilters and groupheads are made from heavy-duty and durable chrome plated brass.

This machine can function by using coffee pods, and it’s created to make two espresso cups at once. There are some more comfortable features, such as a hot water dispenser, a cup warmer and a frothing wand for creams. It’s easy to remove a special water reservoir to fill and clean, and some of its basic accessories included in each package are coffee tampers and scoops, double-shot filter baskets and single pods. Most consumers are happy with this popular espresso maker, because it provides them with professional-quality beverages while having a robust design with a good look.

However, if you prefer perfect espressos, it’s advisable to use good grinders, including Gaggia MDF and Capresso 560 Infinity, which come with high-quality grind sets and are more affordable while delivering excellent results. This coffee equipment is easily compared with commercial espresso makers, according to those users who are experienced in working at coffee shops. Its brew, steama nd power switches are easy to use, it makes perfect cream shots each time, and water reservoirs are simple to fill. Another great feature is that its frothing capability is quite good, so that all users can enjoy the art of coffee and espresso making by getting the right degree of fineness in tamping and grinding with enough pressure to produce high-quality beverages. Finally, some consumers suggest the use of bottled water to get the best results possible.


Gaggia 14101 Classic


  • The best quality for a reasonable price;
  • All switches are easy to use;
  • The flexibility of using different coffee pods and grounds;
  • Commercial-grade elements;
  • Commercial-style portafilters;
  • Heavy-duty and durable stainless steel housing.


  • Its steam wand comes with a non-articulating style;
  • 1-year warranty period;
  • Extra costs to get a quality burr grinder.