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What do you think about when you open your eyes early in the morning?

Sex? Coffee? Job? More sleep?..

Do not be shy. Millions of people around the world have been asked this question, and most of them answered unequivocally: “Coffee.” Well, “sleep”, of course.
What about sex? Let’s talk about everything in order…

UKTV conducted a large-scale survey on the sore subject of morning awakening.

17% of British men and 9% of women think about work, 11% of men and 14% of women dream of falling asleep again.

And the most shocking thing is that only 1% of women admitted that in the morning they long to see their loved one and maybe have sex.

The rest only think about a cup of hot coffee, and 52% refuse to communicate without a drink. For men, morning sex also somehow doesn’t work out: 5% want sex versus 42% with a cup of coffee.

A similar survey was conducted by the Le Meridie group, which owns a chain of hotels around the world. Their results are similar: 53% of tourists would choose freshly brewed coffee in the morning over sex. To be fair, it is worth noting that the majority of respondents are women (55%).

Why is this happening?

Someone like. Some people don’t like to have sex in a hurry, some consider morning sex unhygienic, and some simply don’t have time to fully wake up. In any case, sexologists say out loud that you should never neglect morning sex. Morning hormones increase the excitability of both by 25%, and the need for sex in men and women completely coincides at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Morning endorphins also come into play: they give boost of energy for the whole dayimprove creativity, concentration on the work process. A hormonal boom can affect the strength of hair and nails, and the skin should become clean (progesterone works) and smooth (collagen is added).

In addition, sex in the morning is equivalent to working out strengthening the muscles of the arms, legs and buttocks, and also improves the functioning of the circulatory and immune systems. It’s great that sex is a practical discipline. You are not in danger of illness in the coming days, and the possibility of PMS and depression is zero.

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