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Any coffee – always at your home

Aromatic coffee that you can’t resist…

…Strong, rich espresso…
…Airy and delicate latte…
…Thick, foamy cappuccino…

Any coffee – always at your home

With a coffee machine, any cup of coffee you prepare will become a work of art!

A coffee machine has long ceased to be a luxury and not only true coffee connoisseurs are in a hurry to purchase it, but also those who like to enjoy coffee cocktails.

After all, the creative process of preparing drinks in a coffee machine is pure pleasure! Check out all the advantages of this coffee machine:

  • Saving valuable time. The coffee capsule already contains the required amount of coffee, just install it and press a button – in a minute the drink is ready!
  • Truly tasty and aromatic coffee. Coffee capsules are prepared from the best varieties and are essentially the same beans, only already ground and prepared for extraction using the espresso method.
  • Preservation of nutrients. Coffee contains not only caffeine, but also about 30 organic acids, vitamins and minerals. A coffee machine helps preserve them in maximum quantities.
  • Ease of use. All waste is automatically formed into special tablets, so the coffee machine is easy to clean.
  • Save money and space. Coffee capsules are consumed much more economically than instant coffee or coffee beans. And the coffee machine itself is quite compact and takes up noticeably less space than a coffee grinder and coffee maker.
  • Opportunity to buy everything you need online. Both the coffee machine and the capsules for it can be easily ordered online; the main thing is to choose a reliable store so as not to run into counterfeit or expired products.

And here we are pleased to present you our

Coffeetime – perhaps the most famous and convenient online store in Russia, specializing in the sale of coffee capsules and capsule coffee machines for systems such as Nespresso®Dolce Gusto® and Tassimo®.

Coffeetime is:

  • a wide range of capsules – more than 60 varieties of coffee, cocoa, tea and hot chocolate;

  • convenient ordering system through your personal account on the website or by phone;

  • fast and convenient delivery to home and office – the next day after ordering;

  • special prices and regular promotions for Coffee Club members;

  • professional advice on the selection and use of capsule coffee machines;

  • work for cash and non-cash payments.

Kofetime – your cup of excellent aromatic coffee –
fast, simple, fun!

On our website there is a huge selection of coffee machines for any need, for every taste!