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Nespresso Delonghi EN 165

A little history…

The first patent for a capsule coffee brewing system was received in 1978. From that moment on, coffee capsules began to become widespread throughout America and Europe. At the moment, there are more than 40 types of capsule systems for preparing coffee, tea and other drinks in the world.

Capsules for the Nespresso system

In Russia, capsule coffee machines appeared relatively recently. The first capsule coffee machines were introduced by Nestle, which presented a system for preparing ground coffee from Nespresso capsules.

Capsules for every taste

Distinctive features of the capsule method of preparing coffee are:

1. Cooking speed. Just 20-30 seconds and a cup of aromatic espresso or lungo is ready.

2. Capsule coffee machines require minimal maintenance. Just add more water and stock up on capsules.

3. Variety of tastes. A large number of coffee varieties will not leave even the most picky coffee lovers indifferent.

None of the known methods of preparing coffee can compare with capsule coffee in these parameters. And of course, it is worth noting such an important parameter as cost: the price of a capsule coffee maker is 2-3 times lower than a grain coffee maker.

Citiz Series

The series belongs to the entry level of prime Nespresso coffee machines. This is emphasized by its elegant design, classic coffee machine shades, chrome inserts and other features.

Capsule coffee machine Delonghi 165 en

Citiz coffee machines are manufactured by two companies: Delonghi and Krups. The company’s coffee machines differ extremely slightly: in the shape of the “spout” and the location of the buttons for espresso and lungo portions, as well as in the shape of the side plates.

Colors Nespresso Delonghi Citiz EN 165

Nespresso Delonghi EN Citiz Series

The series is presented in two colors: black (Limusime Black) and cream (White).

Technical characteristics of Delonghi Citiz EN 165

Types of coffee

espresso, lungo

Coffee used


Heater type



1250 W

Water tank volume

1 l

Maximum pressure

19 bar


adjusting the amount of hot water

Automatic decalcification




Housing material


Water level indicator

There is

Power-on indication

There is

Dimensions (W*H*D)

13x37x28 cm

It is worth noting that there is no significant difference in the technical characteristics of Nespresso capsule coffee machines of the Pixie and Citiz series. Therefore, it is worth relying on individual preferences in design and color.

Appearance of Delonghi Citiz EN 165

Appearance of Delonghi EN 165 Nespresso

The set includes a trial set of Nespresso capsules.

Removable drip tray and 11-capsule container.

Container for Nespresso capsule

The capsule is installed horizontally, according to the contour, and then the lever is released and fixes the capsule.

Side view of Delonghi EN 165 Nespresso

There is a power button on the stand. Warming up the coffee machine takes 20-30 seconds. The shutdown occurs automatically.

Compatible Nespresso capsules

Both original Nespresso capsules and compatible ones are suitable for the coffee machine.

Video review of Delonghi Citiz EN 165

Expert opinion from the Coffeetime online store

For a long time, office employees used the Delonghi Citiz EN 165 to make coffee. The coffee machine is ideal for preparing morning espresso. Warming up the capsule coffee machine takes 15-20 seconds, and then you can prepare 5-6 cups of coffee in a short time.

Branded bag for Nespresso capsules

The only negative of the coffee machine: a small water tank (1 liter). But the tanks of other Nespresso coffee machines have capacities of 1 or 1.2 liters. Therefore, this can be considered a general disadvantage of a coffee machine for office use.

The build quality of the Delonghi Citiz EN 165 deserves special attention. High-quality plastic is used, metal elements give a premium feeling. Therefore, from an aesthetic point of view, the coffee machine deserves the highest rating.

The lack of the ability to make lattes and cappuccinos is easily compensated by purchasing a cappuccino maker. For example, you can use the Lattemento LM 145 Milk Frother. It prepares excellent fine-grained warm foam in just 50-60 seconds and is very easy to clean.

Cost of coffee capsules. Many online stores offer original Nespresso capsules at inflated prices. In the Coffeetime online store you can always purchase both original Nespresso coffee capsules and compatible capsules. Prices range from 22 to 33 rubles, and promotions are often held. Therefore, everyone can choose coffee varieties to suit their taste and budget.