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Choosing a coffee machine

Are you unsure which machine to choose? We will help!

Capsule type coffee machines are most often purchased. This is not surprising, because they are ideal for both home and office. The main thing that distinguishes a capsule coffee machine is the maximum preservation of the unique aroma and taste of real coffee. At the same time, the device itself is hygienic, practical, and easy to use. There is no need to think about the temperature of the water or its quantity – a capsule-type coffee machine will do all this simple work for you.

Before purchasing, answer the following questions:

– what kind of coffee will you make?
– how many people will use the coffee machine?
– where will the capsule type technology be used?

Very often, capsule coffee machines are purchased for the office, which can prepare not only coffee, but also other drinks (tea, hot chocolate, etc.). For family use, it may be quite acceptable to purchase a capsule-type coffee machine, with which you can prepare several types of coffee (espresso , Americano, cappuccino).

If you plan to prepare 1-2 cups of aromatic drink throughout the day, then you can buy a small capsule coffee machine. For offices, it is worth choosing equipment with the ability to prepare more coffee.

By answering the above questions, you can roughly imagine what kind of coffee machine you should buy. To determine the price of the equipment and choose the right model, pay attention to the following parameters of capsule-type coffee machines:

1. Power

The power of the coffee machine affects the speed of its operation. It is known that coffee that is prepared quickly is the most delicious because it retains its unique aroma. In addition, many people simply do not have the opportunity to waste precious minutes waiting for the drink to be ready. So, if you want to be able to quickly prepare coffee at any time, you should choose capsule-type equipment with a power of at least 1200 W.

2. Noise level

Modern capsule-type coffee machines are almost silent, which is important if you are going to choose equipment for an office, hotel room, hall, or medical facility. Equipment that works quietly is suitable for both the manager’s office and the apartment.

3. Pump pressure

When a capsule coffee machine operates, hot water passes through the compressed layer of coffee. The degree of pressing is characterized by such an indicator as pressure. It is believed that a pump pressure of at least 15 bar allows the aroma and taste of coffee to be best revealed.

4. Tank volume

It is better to choose equipment with a tank volume of more than 1 liter. In addition, please note that the reservoir should be easy to remove from the coffee maker so that you can easily wash it.

5. Availability of useful functions

It is better to buy a capsule-type coffee machine with automatic shut-off functions and control of the amount of coffee prepared.

6. Water heating system

Most models use the Thermoblock system, which quickly heats the water. And remember that if the water you will use to make coffee is hard, then it is better to choose a capsule coffee machine with a filter and a special program for purifying the liquid from calcium and excess salts. In addition, it is worth paying attention to equipment with a descaling option – in this case, a capsule-type coffee machine will be easier to use and will last longer.