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Advantages of the “Coffee Club”

By becoming a member of the CoffeeTime Coffee Club, site visitors get access to the following features and additional bonuses:

  • buy goods in our online store at special club prices* – before 30% cheaper;

  • accumulate bonus points in your personal account** (rubles) 3% from each purchase made, and use them to partially or fully pay for your future purchases;

  • receive a Club Card confirming his membership in the Club and the right to discounts and bonuses;

  • buy weekly promotional goods*** with even bigger discounts;

  • take part in promotions and events held by the Club, as well as in regular drawings and lotteries for regular Club members.

Enjoy great coffee among good friends with CoffeeTime!

* – club prices for goods are indicated on the website next to the regular price. A registered member of the club can buy goods at the club price by logging in to the website;

** – when registering in the Club, the participant has the opportunity to accumulate bonus points in his personal account from each purchase made in the amount of 3%.

*** – once a week, a number of products on our website come under promotion and the price is significantly reduced. For promotional products there is a quantity limit: for coffee capsules this is no more than 3 packages at a promotional price and no more than one package of one item in one order; for equipment and accessories – no more than 1 unit of goods in one order.

Check with managers for this week’s promotional positions!

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