Best French Press

The Best French Press Coffee Makers

Still do not know what French Press is? A French press is equipped with a filter and plunger that is attached to the lid. The process is rather simple: you put ground coffee inside and add boiling water. Wait for a few minutes and stir slowly. Then press the plunger down to separate the grounds from the ready-made coffee. Afterwards, just pour strained coffee to your mug. There are some people who consider French Press to produce rather smooth coffee without bitterness. However, it requires more actions than a usual coffee maker.

French Coffee Press SterlingPro

With the innovative SterlingPro French coffee press, you have an opportunity to brew up to 8 cups of coffee at a time. The press features a double screen system and a classic design. The double screen system is helpful for removing grounds from the coffee. One of the most frequent complaints about French press is finding grounds in the coffee. Besides, you will receive screen replacement, so you can keep brewing exclusive coffee for years.

Bialetti Moka Express

Another option available is the Moka Pot. This is an exceptional contraption which was designed in Italy in 1933. A unique pot sits on the stove-top. Coffee grounds are put in a filter which is in the center of the pot. Water gets heated on the stove-top, building up pressure and passing water through coffee grounds and right to the upper chamber. The vast majority of people find the Moka Pot to produce the top coffee ever. Just like with the French press, a couple of extra steps should be made, though the result is worth the effect.  

Another great alternative is a single serve coffee maker. It allows brewing a single cup of fresh coffee at a time. Such machines require individually packaged capsules or pods. The process makes it fast and simple to prepare a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, tea or other hot beverage for which you can find a capsule or pod. However, the price of refills is a bit higher that of usual fresh coffee.  

Multi-Use Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer Bunn MCU

The Bunn MCU is multi-functional, and it can brew a fresh cup of coffee. Four separate brewing drawers are included in the machine to provide the user with an ability to use fresh ground coffee, K-cups, tea or flat filter packets. Additionally, it has a pulse option to adjust the strength of each cup.