Breville 800ESXL Review

Benefits of Choosing Breville 800ESXL

Breville 800ESXL is a great espresso machine that can be compared to such models as De’Longhi EC155. Basically, this detailed and valuable review will analyze and evaluate this device based on such important characteristics as its quality, style, price, practicality and value for the money paid. The good news is that this machine is neither expensive nor cheap, and consumers can find its competitive prices in many online shops nowadays.

  • Its Basic Characteristics

This espresso machine is produced from durable stainless steel, and it looks quite cute, so that it can bring a mini coffee shop into any kitchen. However, if some consumers are a bit awed by the entire espresso making process, they can use special pods, including the ESE pod filer, which are included in the package.

Another great thing is that users can make more than only quality espresso because the frothing and steaming wand of this device allows them to make other beverages, such as cappuccinos and lattes in addition to 3 extra espresso versions, so that their imagination is not limited. Don’t forget about its pump thermo-block heating and canny auto purge systems that allow users to reset temperatures in an accurate manner for their next drinks to be dispensed, but the best part is that they are semi-automated. Just like BES870XL, 800ESXL comes with quite a handy cleaning reminder function.

  • Its Stylish Die-Cast Design

When shopping for an espresso maker that has a really professional look, 800ESXL is a good option because its die-cast design looks fantastic and won’t go unnoticed. This interesting appearance is based solely on looks, so that it’s perfect both for home kitchens and cafes.

  • Other Worthy Characteristics

Like other similar machines, this one includes a special hot water dispenser that allows users to make their favorite hot chocolate, tea and other types of beverages in a simple and effective manner. What about freebies? These are filters included in the package and useful for pods and ground coffee. Besides, there are cleaning tools, a tamping spoon and steel frothing jug included, too.

This espresso machine allows consumers to make around 2-5 cups per each brew, and it comes with quite a long cord, which makes plugging it in less problematic. If you prefer to have your control over the duration of time that it takes to pull all espresso drinks (not being entirely self-automatic), then this device is your perfect match because it provides you with a more traditional feel than other espresso makers available in the modern market.

If you take a look at other reviews of 800ESXL, you’ll understand that it comes with quite high rankings because it’s a great espresso machine that makes wonderful beverages, including espressos with the right amount of crema. However, there is only one point to its longevity because its warranty expires after one year. Anyway, it’s a nice-looking and small espresso maker that won’t take a lot of your counter space and will make perfect coffees for its price.

Making a Final Decision

If you still can’t decide whether it’s worth buying this 800ESXL device, remember that Breville has a solid reputation in this field because of being a great manufacturer of different coffee makers. The overall conclusion of many buyers is that this brand is quite reputable to trust and invest money in.

This espresso maker doesn’t make any duff beverages, and it will look great in any kitchen because it’s equipped with many valuable characteristics, but its longevity is under question. This problem is easy to solve if you upkeep and clean this device on a regular basis. So you shouldn’t hesitate to give 800ESXL a try.

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