Breville BES840XL

Breville BES840XL: Unique Approach to Making a Wonderful Espresso

There are lots of various espresso machines that you can find on the market today. Most of them have great function and features. While those products may be powerful and speedy, or have some other advantages, the Breville BES840XL uses another approach, a unique approach.

Any making processes — cooking, drawing, sewing, etc. — can be done using various approaches and techniques, and it is hard to choose which one of them is the best. Each user of a certain technique believes that he or she has chosen the best way. As for espressos, one great approach is able to get the most flavor out of your grind. It is the infusing method, and that is the main focus of the Breville BES840XL. Thanks to this, it is able to reach a well-balanced flavor thanks to drawing it out from the grinds evenly. Such an approach is called an even extraction. Unlike many other espresso machines that use high pressure in order to take the flavors out of the grounds, this model uses a slow method that is probably the best technique that allows obtaining the best results.

The Breville Infuser uses steady and low pressure to expand coffee grinds. This means that it infuses all of the tiny cracks, gaps and irregularities inside of the coffee puck. No high pressure is used. When the pressure is increased, the coffee puck is extracted evenly because everything is equally solid, so the most of the flavor is drawn out.

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The Breville Infuser also comes with several programmable features, including an opportunity to control the volume of your pour. There are also several useful automatic features, including temperature settings, which allow you to choose the best option. You should also know that this model comes with the PID temperature control technology, thermocoil heating system, as well as the pre-infusion technology. Now you may have no doubts left that this is an excellent option for making wonderful coffee.

Product Features

Not only an Infuser feature makes the Breville BES840XL a great model, but also some other good aspects, including the following:

  • 1600 W Thermocoil Heating System as well as the integrated stainless steel water coils allow you to precisely control the temperature of the unit;
  • The model is able to automatically adjust the temperature of the water ensuring the optimal temperature of espresso extraction;
  • It keeps the needed temperature of your coffee by warming a cup when you sip or brew;
  • 15 Bar Italian Pump allows controlling the volume of your pour including manual overrides, presets and reprogrammable volumes;
  • You should not worry about excess water because the Infuser will take care of getting rid of it. Now you should only remove the grounds from the unit.

What Are the Best Things about This Espresso Machine According to its Owners?

The owners of this great Breville Infuser share their impression about it:

  • They really love the ergonomic footprint. The machine is only about 10’ wide;
  • The unit is very easy to clean;
  • This machine is able to make coffee that is 5 degrees hotter than other models;
  • Pump works quietly;
  • Thanks to the instant hot water feature, it is possible to make other drinks as well.

Is There Anything That Should be Improved in the Breville Infuser Espresso Machine?

We have also selected some opinions of customers on what in the Breville Infuser is missing:

  • No built-in grinder is included. This means that you will need to purchase one or use pre-ground coffee;
  • The water tank should be bigger as other similarly priced models have (61 Oz versus 67 Oz);
  • When removing or inserting the portafilter, the appliance can move around a little bit. It is also recommended to hold it down during operation, which mostly depends on the type of counter that you have;
  • The pump of the machine may oscillate or fail to keep steady pressure if you grind or over tamp too much.

Who Should Purchase This Great Espresso Machine?

It is the best option for people who believe that the infusing method is really great. The machine is also suitable for those who are looking for something unique. Breville Infuser is a really great product to purchase. If you buy it, you will enjoy the outstanding taste of espresso as well as the overall performance of this appliance.

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