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Breville BES870XL Review

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express has one thing that it focuses on: freshness through the use of speed. Appropriately named the “express,” it is Breville’s entry level model for its home espresso machines, providing aspiring baristas and beginners with an easy and quick way of getting the best and freshest tasting espresso directly from their kitchen. Breville has integrated a burr grinder directly into the Barista Express, which makes it possible to go from beans all the way to brew in under 60 seconds, the way the professionals do.

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That helps to ensure that you receive the freshest taste without having to sacrifice any of the convenience that a super-automatic espresso machine can provide you with. A majority of other espresso machines that are in the same class may cause you lots of headaches as you are grinding and tamping your beans all day long. However, the Breville Barista Express provides you with a way of bypassing all of the hassle yet still receiving the fastest, freshest grind from your beans just before brewing.


One of the major mistakes that many beginner baristas make is purchasing an espresso machine that’s way too complicated for the skill level that they have.
You need to to adjust every input, set your grind amount and size, select the right roast, and monitor the proper temperature distribution for the water and steam pressure simultaneously. This all can be quite overwhelming. All of the manual labor is taken out of the equation by the Breville Express, providing you with an easy way of making the finest tasting espresso ever.

Inside the Breville BES870XL the pressure is automatically regulated by two dual-wall pressurized filters. This provides you with the absolute maximum extraction to provide the ultimate flavor. It is ideal for beginners, and once you start getting good at what you do, you may want to switch to the two non-pressurized, single-wall filters, which are also included. It will provide you with more leeway for experimenting with your recipes through adjusting the amount of pressure used while tamping, how much coffee you put into the machine, and size of the grind.

In addition, the Breville Barista features a 15-bar pump made in Italy in addition to a thermocoil system. The features help to ensure you have sufficient power and the perfect temperature to brew the best tasting shot of espresso every single time. In addition, the flat heat water spigot and pre-brew function work together to distribute the coffee puck evenly. You will soon be able to see why this espresso machine is so popular, either to give to an aspiring barista or to yourself.


Things Owners Like About Breville BES870XLbreville-BES870XL

1. It’s very fast.

2. Very sturdy due to its high-quality construction and materials.

3. No-sleep feet, including when the burr grinder is turned on. This prevents it from “walking” across the counter.

4. Stainless steel casing is stylish and keeps it clean

5. Easy to clean. There is a hideaway store compartment as well where the cleaning tools are stored.
Who Should Purchase The Breville Barista Express?

If you are just getting started with espresso making and would like to have the best machine for your money for learning on, then you should purchase Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso. You get an excellent espresso in addition to lots of convenience that can be adjusted as you are leaning and deciding if you’d like to have more control over it or not.

Thanks to both the double and single wall options, it is the ideal espresso machine for both intermediate and beginner baristas.

Recent Customer reviews on Breville BES870XL

(Joann M. Phillips)

  1. I got this espresso machine I ordered online on time. I’ve used it only for a few days, but I can say that it works very well so far, and I claim that it’s a great device that looks very clean and heats up quite fast. With it, I can make my favorite espresso fast and simply. I want to update my review in several months to add more information about its use.
  2. This espresso machine has many customer reviews and positive feedback with high ratings. So, I don’t think that my review will do a lot for its sales promotion, but I just want to help those users who keep struggling with its under-extracting issue. Read this information before leaving any negative comments because of that. First, I will share the basics of using this machine:

1) My review is about BES870XL, not other devices produced by this brand.

2) It’s a semi-automated and programmable espresso machine of good quality. Some users leave their bad reviews only because this device is not fully automatic, which surprises me a lot. For example, if you buy a good car with its automatic transmission, it’s convenient and does its great job in any road situation, so you don’t have to be concerned with anything due to automatic gears. However, it’s also possible to choose a good car that comes with a manual transmission, and it may be less convenient and driving it requires some practice. The best part is that you can control it yourself, but you need to learn how to use it at first.

3) I’ve been using this espresso machine only for one week, so I can’t tell you a lot about its durability.

4) This device includes 1 boiler, so it can’t use the steam and extract espresso at the same time, but if you check other products with this capability, you’ll understand that they’re more expensive.

5) I’m not an expert espresso maker, but I’ve owned other automatic espresso machines. After making my comparison, I can say that this product has certain positive features, such as being a quality semi-automatic espresso machine with a built-in grinder.

(Stephanie Jones)

This device is worth the money I’ve paid for it, because it does its job perfectly. Each time it helps me get the best coffee, so I definitely recommend it to other consumers. I have a big family who likes coffee, so this machine can handle any of our requests, even when trying different types of coffee beans. In addition, its user manual comes in handy, because it teaches you how to get the best shots ever.

I’m not a coffee snob, but I was sick of buying the same stuff at local Starbucks every day. I prefer making my favorite drinks and drink the espresso I like. Besides, I like making the best lattes with vodka and cream, but local coffee shops don’t offer these drinks, so I had to figure out how to make them at home. It took me a few tries to improve my own drink, but I’m a true master now. It takes a while to clean all pieces, but it’s not a hassle at all. I advise other consumers to make their own stuff the way they like, because it’s very convenient. I bought this coffee machine for my partner, and she uses it on a regular basis. Get this product!

(Bruce M. Roller)

I like this espresso machine, because it doesn’t everything I want, including excellent lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, etc. It may take some time to get everything right, such as the necessary grind amount, pressure and so on. The only issue that I have while using this espresso maker is that I need to wait for a few brews to get the right pressure back each time I clean this device. Perhaps, I’m just doing something wrong or it should be this way, but this problem can be a bit annoying when you want to make a favorite cup of coffee, but it doesn’t have any pressure. As I’ve already said, this device makes perfect coffee for me, so I’m quite satisfied with its work.


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