Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine Review

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine Review

At the very beginning, I want to say that this is going to be a pragmatic review about Pretty solid & High-quality espresso machine.

  • Dual stainless steel boilers and dual Italian pumps for simultaneous espresso extraction and steaming
  • Over-Pressure Valve (OPV) limits extraction pressure
  • Electronic PID temperature control for precise water temperature
  • Backlit LCD displays brew temperature, shot clock or time
  • Includes water hardness test strip, descale alert and LCD assisted descale procedure 


    Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

    The Good: If I needed to choose one word for describing this espresso machine I would have to say: Perfection! Due to its low pressure pre-infusion, over-pressure valve and PID Electronic temperature control, it is able to maintain precise pressure and temperature throughout the entire extraction process. The Breville Dual Boiler provides you with all of the tools you need for customizing your espresso to your own specifications. You are able to program pre-infusion power and duration, shot volume (1 or 2 cup), and shot temperature using PID temperature regulation technology that is very precise. Put simply, this espresso machine makes the best tasting shot of espresso each and every time.

    The Bad: If you want your machine to be decalcified and descaled, you will need to take it into a professional shop around every two years or so. Otherwise, you will need to use filters.

    Update: The problem has been fixed. A home descaling option has been added so you won’t need to take it to a shop to have it descaled.Breville-BES980XL

    The Bottom Line: Despite whatever drawbacks or questions may be raised about this espresso maker, the Breville BES920XL is the finest semi-automatic espresso machine that is available in the market currently, in terms of quality, efficiency and cost. It is also easy to use and fully programmable. You simply can’t go wrong with this machine if you are looking to buy a dual boiler semi-automatic espresso machine.

    The Breville BES920XL is a comprehensive upgrade over previous models. It brings professional quality dedicated double boilers at affordable prices to consumers. The double boiler action makes it possible for simultaneous steaming and extraction, which provide you with the perfect espresso shot as long as the pressure is optimized. For this purpose, Breville has added steamed pumps and Italian dual dedicated espresso.

    If it appears that Breville has thought of absolutely everything, that’s because they have. In order to bring the limits that are necessary for over-pressure and extraction, the extraction pressure and water temperature are completely regulated by the Electronic PID Temperature Controls. With each shot you brew you get steam consistency and precise water temperature- just turn the controls to whatever your preferred self-made or pre-set settings are and then start to brew. You are able to go from 190 up to 205 degrees (displayed as F or C) and achieve consistent different origins, blends and roasts of espresso.

    Consistent Programming For Quality And Ease Of Use

    Consistency is definitely the name of the game with this espresso maker as can be shown by the unique Breville Actively Heated Group Head that maintains thermal stability inside the unit over the complete extraction period. It is completely programmable, meaning you will get precisely what you want to have each morning or night, completely without fail.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the finer programmable features that help to make Breville BES920XL such a stand out in the espresso machine crowd:

    – Volumetric Control: Enables you to preset volume for two cups at the same time, while still being able to manually reprogram or override during the steam and extraction processes if you end up changing your mind.

    – Pre-Infusion: All lovers of espresso know that the best way of really fine tuning your brew’s flavor is changing the duration and power of the pre-infusion period. Just think if you could program all of the various flavor profiles directly into your espresso maker.

    The clocks, gauges and limits also monitor under- and over-performance to make sure that the exact precision levels are achieved with every shot of espresso:

    – Pressure Gauge: Makes sure that the extraction pressure is monitored constantly to achieve the perfect brew every time.

    – Shot Clock- real time is kept on the extraction’s consistency so that the espresso doesn’t ever taste off or fall flat.

    – Backlit LCD- provides you with easy way of monitoring the extraction temperature and shot clock.


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