Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine: A Great Espresso at Any Time

The Gaggia 14101 is an espresso maker machine made of stainless steel. Using this appliance, you can enjoy great espresso at any time you like. It does have a few quirks but it still maintains the classic poise and presence. Also, it is extremely easy to clean.

Let’s find out what advantages and disadvantages this model has and why it is one of the most unique espresso machines that you can find on the market today.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

If you find it hard to choose an espresso machine, you should consider its advantages and disadvantageGaggia 14101s. You should clearly know what benefits you can get and what possible difficulties you may expect.


  • It uses the modern espresso technology;
  • A classic design and chassis ensuring the perfect optimal balance between aesthetics and espresso making powers;
  • Max. temperature stability reached thanks to brass grouphead and portafilters;
  • A high-voltage boiler and 17-1/2-bar pump allow warming up your espresso fast;
  • The great taste of espresso which is the most important factor. If you wish to enjoy high quality, then this model will be a great choice for you;
  • The model has been developed by the Italian manufacturer.


  • The milk wand is not perfect, but you may ignore this little inconvenience, provided that you will obtain a strong feature set;
  • You should be aware of possible increase in your caffeine levels because it is hard to resist having another cup of great espresso!Gaggia Classic


  • Why Quality Portafilter Basket Is Important

One thing that you should take into account if you decide to purchase the Gaggia 14101 is that you should probably also invest in a high-quality portafilter basket.

You should know that it is not a must, but this will help you improve the quality of your espresso as well as allow you to use a backup basket if you encounter an issue with the stock one that suitable for this unit.

  • Does the Gaggia 14101 Make Good Espresso?

You definitely want to know if you can enjoy a great espresso if you purchase this model. Yes! You can be sure that your espresso coffee will be really great! You will enjoy high-quality espresso because the manufacturer is based in Italy, where they definitely know what a good espresso means.

We think that the Gaggia 14101 Classic makes incredible espresso. We were impressed and we believe that you will also be.

If you wish to enjoy an authentic Italian espresso experience, there is no need to buy tickets and fly to Italy because this great espresso machine will give you the taste that you want.

Generally, the Gaggia 14101 is a really great espresso machine that provides what you need. We think that this model deserves a top mark.

  • How to Clean the Gaggia 14101

It does not matter how expensive your espresso machine is, you will have to do basic maintenance as well as cleaning regularly. As for the Gaggia 14101, it is extremely easy to clean and keep clean.

You will find it very easy to disassemble it and scrub clean. As for us, it is one of the easiest in terms of maintenance and cleaning espresso machines that we have ever dealt with. We are sure that by purchasing this model you will not struggle when cleaning it. 

Is the Milk Wand Good?

Nothing is perfect and that is also true for the Gaggia 14101. It does not have a great milk wand. A milk wand is made of plastic. It would be good if such a great stainless steel espresso machine came with steel and brass parts, but it comes with a plastic wand. We were disappointed with this part of this great machine, but we think that it is just a small disadvantage, considering all the other benefits of this product.

Our Conclusion: You Can Purchase It, but Invest in a Portafilter Basket!

All in all, we were impressed with the Gaggia 14101 for producing a really outstanding espresso and allowing maintaining and cleaning it easily. It was made with the modern technology in mind. We believe that you will also enjoy its consistent quality. The look of the machine is classic but modern, and you will find it easy to clean its interior.

The only small downside that we have found is a plastic wand. Still, we think that it is a little inconvenience that should not be an obstacle to purchasing a great product. Overall, we are really impressed with the Gaggia 14101 and highly recommend it!

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