Krups EA8250 Review

Detailed Krups EA8250 Review

Krups EA8250 is the newest model introduced by Krups, and it’s a fully automated espresso machine that is designed with the only purpose: provide users with the best coffee and other beverages in a matter of seconds. This equipment is produced and designed in France, and it’s a compact all-in-one coffee maker that comes with such incredible features as a unique thermo-block system, integrated burr grinder, LCD display and a convenient water tank. Consumers can find this model in black, and it has quite a sleek look that blends in well with all kitchens. Besides, its compact size allows users to save their valuable space on kitchen counters while looking perfect.


Set of Basic Krups EA8250 Features

  • Quality interactive LCD display to make coffee specialty choices simple for users;
  • Steam nozzle to make creamy latte coffee;
  • Patented thermos-block system that guarantees a hot (almost up to 200 degrees F) cup of coffee;
  • Really large water tank with a big bean hopper and an empty water detection system;
  • Easy and fast cleaning process with its removable drip tray;
  • High-pressure pump with a hydraulic automated tamping system and a conical burr grinder to offer quality coffee at home fast;
  • 2-year warranty for all countries;
  • Extra accessories, including cleaning tablets, water filtration cartridges, descaling powder, etc.

Reasons to Buy Krups EA8250 for Home Use

  1. Offering perfect gourmet coffee experience at home. A sealed and large bean hopper in this model ensures that all coffee beans don’t lose their favor once they are put for grounding. Moreover, Krups EA8250 includes a special oily bean accessory to guarantee that beans don’t get stuck whilst grinding.
  2. Automated cleaning. It’s an automated cleaning coffee machine that is as fully automated and low-maintenance as this kind of equipment can be. Krups EA8250 has its exclusive system that doesn’t require any manual involvement in terms of cleaning. Users are not involved in this process, and they don’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing parts on a regular basis because of its outstanding quality.
  3. Getting your hot and fresh coffee very fast. This coffee maker comes with an innovative thermos-block system, and this means that it can provide users with hot coffee in a matter of seconds with the best time management whilst extracting and amazing tamping.
  4. Extra accessories. They include cleaning tablets, water filters, liquid cleaners and de-scaling power for a steaming wand.
  5. Its intuitive graphic interface. It’s the easiest one offered by this reputable brand, so an intuitive LCD display with its ergonomic knob can make your menu navigation and setting personal preferences an easy and fast process. This LCD screen can guide users through the whole process involved in their coffee type selection, temperature, water hardness levels and so on. For example, it’s possible to set water levels from 30 ml to 70 ml according to the necessary quantity. Its small and interactive LCD panel literally talks to users and reminds them to clean a coffee drawer before making fresh espresso.
  6. Offering consistent grounded beans. Krups EA8250 is equipped with a conical and metallic grinder used by pros, and it offers grounded coffee of super quality. Users are also provided with an option to set the coarseness control of this metal grinder manually, but the best part is that they don’t have their access to a brewing unit.


  • Automatic rinse and cleaning cycles;
  • Compact all-in-one units with very fast brewing time;
  • Its easy interface design;
  • Auto-off and energy efficient features;
  • Steam nozzles for dispensing hot water for hot chocolate, tea and other drinks;
  • Its sleek design, manufactured in France.


  • Non-removable bean hoppers;
  • Inability to use pre-ground coffee;
  • Water filters should be replaced every 2 months with extra costs.


Krups EA8250 is a perfect choice for those consumers who want to find an automated coffee machine without any complex features that offers extra features for free. The integrity of this credible brand ensures the quality of this coffee maker and its excellent performance. Different coffee beverages offered by this model match the quality and strength of professional coffee shops. Its service is visionary while its design is contemporary, because this equipment is made in France. This coffee maker is a perfect selection for both coffee aficionados and amateurs, and its specifications provide all of them with consistently ground and fine coffee, both with plain and froth milk. Finally, Krups EA8250 is a great espresso maker for big families, small workplaces and coffee strongholds.

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